About Me

Starting Out:

Hello, my name is Sean!
My hobby is playing the guitar,
I am currently now a student in Singapore polytechnic
studying internet security management.
In this section, i will be talking more about myself

When I was born

when i was little, i used to be a,
very curious kid whom always had an
interest in games yet never had the
chance to try much of the market.

close up photo of me

Primary school

Primary school were filled with jovial times,
friends were the pillars of support during these days,
Me, being an adventurous person along with my friends
We had alot of fun times together on our own
outing trips!

Secondary school

Secondary school were my halcyon days ,
I was the secretary of my school's morden
dance CCA. I was also the chairperson for
2 years before stepping down.This was the
time where I started to develop and interest
in coding.

secondary Graduation


currently i am studying infocom security
singapore polytechnic. Im part of my school's sub-
committee and participating in the cyber defenders
discovery camp.

vikings photo