I have achieved alot back in school in both the artistry
and academic aspect.
Here is a list of what i've achieved in the past few years:

Primary School

-Participated in the raffle's Math Olympiad and achieved top 5 percentile.
-Join the floorball cca and entered the nationals and achieved second place.
-Join badmintion and got to the nationals and got thrid place.
-Played for the schools band in the singapore youth festival.


-Class chairperson for two years.
-2 eagles award
-Executive committee of the dance club in my school.
-led the dance team to 2 Distinction in the singapore youth festival.
-led the dance team to 2 striaght top 10s in super 24.
-Had top 10 in 3 out of 4 cross country held by the school.
-Was overall in charge of a charity event held of the disadvantaged.
-Participated in the Sec 1 orientation camp as an instructor.
-Top 3% in the level for academic results in sec one and two.
-Finalist in the talent show held in school.

road run picture

Outside schooling

-Got the certificate for grade five piano.
-black belt with 3 tips in wushu.
-Had a chance to try outs for the super 24 as soloist.
-Good progress award in my mother tongue.

At the moment

Right now i am currently pursuing infocom security
in singapore polytechnic. I currently am part of the
school of computing sub committee and also participating
in the cyber denfenders discovery camp!